• Sleep Like Royalty With Silk Beauty Care

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Sleep Like Royalty With Silk Beauty Care

Breathe Easy With Silk

No More Messy Bed Hair

Silk Wig Headbands (I’m wearing one now)

Sleep Beautifully


Welcome to Silk Beauty Care ~ Canadian manufacturer of luxurious charmeuse silk products (silk pillowcases, silk scarves, silk bonnets, silk headbands and silk wig headbands) promoting beautiful skin and hair with the natural benefits of silk. 💕

Why 100% Silk?

Natural Benefits ~ Silk has more than 15 types of amino acids and is a natural protein. Silk’s temperature regulated properties keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. So no more head sweats. Silk is a breathable fabric and is naturally hypoallergenic (repels pollen and dusts). 

Hair Benefits ~ Silk’s natural proteins help hair stay moisturizered, decrease breakage and frizz free. Hairstyles and blowouts last longer, smooth and controlled. No more bedhead mornings. Hair breathes easily and naturally.

Skin Benefits ~ Silk does not pull moisture from the skin but locks in moisture instead. Silk natural properties will never absorb your skincare products, instead will allow your skincare products do it’s intended work. Prevents morning lines. Reduces face acne. Skin breathes easily and naturally.

Add Silk Beauty Care to your daily beauty care regime and reap the wonderful benefits of Silk throughout the day and night.💕

Your Skin and Hair Will Keep Thanking You!!! - Silk Beauty Care -

Silk Beauty Care Kids

Artsy Luxurious Silk Scarves

Onyx Silk Bonnets

Luxurious Charmeuse Silk Pillowcases

Silk Beauty Care

Silk Lined Face Mask (Reversible)

Introducing Silk Beauty Care 3 a ply reversible face mask with 100% cotton fabric (outer layer & middle layer) and 100% luxurious silk charmeuse (final layer) for breathability and hypoallergenic comfort. No more breakouts.

One mask - Two designs - Wear it both ways for double the comfort and convenience.

Curly Girl Silk Bonnets

Our newly launched Curl Girl Silk Bonnets are beautifully crafted with an open ended design to protect, moisturize and tame curly hair during sleep.  No more messy hair or dried frizzy curls.

Silk Wig Headbands (Silk Beauty Care Exclusive)

Protect your edges and hairline with Silk Beauty Care Silk Wig Headbands (two sizes 1” or 2”). See tutorial video below ...

Silk Pillowcase Testimonial

“Since adding a pair of Silk Beauty Care pillowcases to a new bedding set I recently purchased, I can honestly say I have never slept better. My 12-year old daughter loves them as much as I do, and whenever one disappears I know where to look.

The improved quality of sleep, along with the luxurious texture and comfort make these silk pillowcases one of the best personal investments I could recommend.”

B.D. - Thornhill, Ontario

Curly Girl Silk Bonnet Testimonial

Thank you silk beauty care for understanding my request and delivering a product for curly hair girls like me. My curly girl silk bonnet is pure magic. The design and feel is perfect not to mention pure luxury. I can’t thank you enough. My curls can’t thank you enough. Ladies get yours today, this bonnet is amazing.

L.O. - Toronto, Ontario

Silk Wig Headband Testimonial

I purchased a Silk Beauty Care wig headband a few months ago to protect my edges underneath my wigs. The results were astonishing. I can’t tell you enough the difference this silk wig headband made underneath my wig. My wig was no longer pulling on my edges and my edges became stronger with new growth. I will never stop buying this pure silk wig headband. I’m a customer for life. 

S.E.- New York, New York

Silk Lined Beanies with Real Fur Pom Pom

Cheetah Snake

Golden Polka

Zebra Print

Curly Girl Silk Bonnets

Onyx Silk Bonnets

Three Exclusives Scarves Sold at Walmart.ca

Silk Beauty Care Gift Card

Looking for something special for someone? A gift card to our store is the perfect idea!