Red Silk Lined Beanie with Real Fur

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Luxurious silk lined beanies (with slouch) made with 100% luxurious charmeuse silk with real fur pom pom’s. One size fits all.  Limited life launch.

Design: Silk lining matches real fur pom pom’s

Inner: Premium Jersey Knit

Outer: 100% Silk Charmeuse 

Fur: Real Raccoon Fur Pom Pom (detachable)

Made in Canada 

Dry Clean

Why Silk Beauty Care™️ Silk Lined Beanies:

  • 100% pure Silk lining, not satin - Silk cannot be compared to satin. Silk is a luxurious pure natural fabric and satin is not
  • Silk Beauty Care ™️ only uses luxurious charmeuse silk for all products 
  • Excellent for all hair types
  • Silk is a natural protein 
  • Silk locks in moisture 
  • No more dry brittle hair 
  • No more damaging pull or friction from regular beanies 
  • Smooth to the touch and feel 
  • Protects and preserves hairstyles 
  • Silk is temperature regulated, will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Beautiful healthy hair 
  • Your hair will keep thanking you :)